Life is as transient as dew on the grass

– Zen Master Dogen


Verses from the Tao Te Ching-Mo

      “ Yet mystery and imagination arise from the same source. This source is called darkness. Darkness within darkness, the gateway to all understanding. ” Lao Tzu     Lao Tzu or otherwise known as Laozi is said to have written the Tao Te Ching. The oldest manuscripts in a complete form were discovered …

Darkness and Light ~ by Karen Richards

The Dew on the Grass team has taken a break, during the month of August. Now, as a rather overcast summer turns into a spectacularly beautiful Autumn, it is back with another post, on the dual themes of Darkness and Light. On rereading Chris Yeomans’s July post, in which she explores her sense of being …


Dew on the Grass is the coming together of four Dharma friends who wish to express their lives as Buddhists through their writing, photography, art and other projects. The concept for a website came about when one of us was walking early one morning and noticed the dew glistening on the grasses. It reminded her of the words of Zen Master Dogen who, in 13th century Japan, wrote in his teachings that ‘This body is as transient as dew on the grass’, reminding us of the importance of not wasting our lives.  

The nature of dew is that it appears in the morning, glistens for an instant and then disappears. Yet it always raises the spirits when you catch sight of it and it will always appear again. This website, therefore, is both an exploration and celebration of our own lives and an offering to those who happen by to read it. We set out to share, in a variety of media, our experiences and reflections.  

If you like what you see, we invite you to use this platform to do likewise. You can do this by leaving a comment or by sharing your writing, photography and art using our contact page and we will publish it on your behalf.  For guidance, written contributions should be no longer than 1000 words and reflect your life as a Buddhist. We reserve editorial rights.

We hope you enjoy your visit here.

Dew on the Grass
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