Which Way?

Karen Richards

At a recent meeting, the Dew on the Grass team asked the question of ourselves, ‘What is the purpose of our website?’. We quickly came back with the answer, ‘To express what Buddhist training means to us in our everyday lives.

So, as one year closes and another begins, I thought I would share a feature of my personal altar that I am especially fond of. This little figurine came from a playset that one of my daughters had for Christmas circa 1990. The other bits of the set got lost or were passed onto other children, over the years but I laid claim to this one.

At the time I claimed her, she resembled me in some ways. I used to have a purple cardigan that looked a bit like the one she is wearing. I still had colour in my hair, too! More characteristically, is the position she is holding. One arm outstretched, open-handed and the other to her forehead; looking, searching – which way?

For many years, she was placed by the front door on a small window ledge but the advent of grandchildren meant that she often got knocked over or got drawn into a game and I would find her abandoned under a table. Of course, she was meant to be played with but to me, she had become a reminder to always keep an open heart, to accept what comes in life and to keep asking the question, ‘Which way?’.

We wish you all a peaceful and joyous 2020!

3 Replies to “Which Way?”

  1. Yes, so important to keep an open heart and accept whatever comes. For me also it is important that my default response is ‘yes’ when asked to do/help etc. Sometimes I may have to say ‘no’ but in general stepping forward prevents me becoming stuck in my comfort zone. That seems to open up which way forward it is good for me to go.
    1. I couldn’t agree more, Charlie. I’m always wary of my comfort zones. I find a good practice is to ask each morning, preferably just after meditation, ‘What is good to do, today?’. Quite often the direction changes as the day progresses, out of necessity but the asking, being willing to step outside of the habitual grooves that I create, feels really important. Having said that, my koan as a carer to several different people, in one form or another, is feeling that I need to be in more than one place at a time, so the asking, ‘Which way?’ helps to keep me grounded and not spin off into panic. Usually, there is a way to organise things so that it works and yes, sometimes the answer is to hold back and pace myself. I love your posts and comments, Charlie – thank you! _/\_

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