Flower of Freedom

I hardly dare comment on our second post of the week, featuring the theme of Freedom. Reading Mo’s poem gave me shivers. I find it so beautiful and insightful.

Flower Of Freedom

When the voice of freedom calls,
there is no secret prison for me.
No landscape of mind, no survival identity
born out of conditioning and habit.


Do you keep the wild complexity of your
True Nature hidden, buried under fixed
boundaries of fears and


When you see me, is there a calling,
touching a sense of unknown freedom?
Begging you to walk an invisible labyrinth,
yet the fear holds you back.
There is a gateless gate.


I am like the morning star, blossoming in the light
of both the seer and the seen.
Growing from my Earths ancestors to blossom
and to blossom again, always becoming.
Such is Universal life.


Mo Henderson

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  1. I can only bow to the universal wisdom that resonates through this poem. Thank you for writing with such clarity and so beautifully Mo.

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